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None of the products shown here are in stock. Products are made after orders are received.

Sampler of kin-karakami designs containing 20 samples

Price around 1.5 million yen (including one frame)
Size of the box:73x52x17cm

Papers used are special thick paper mulberry and mitsumata decorated with thick gold leaf, silver leaf or tin foil.

List of works:
Arabesque of flowers and fruit
Flowers, grasses and insects
Birds and irises
Forest of Irifune
Grapevine arabesque
Flowers and birds
Pastoral scenes

Swirls in arabesque
Plain arabesque
Scenes of China and Vietnam
Flowers and flowing water
Chrysanthemums(border design)
Flower arabesque(border design)
Fern arabesque
Pavillion in Serene Nature

Mr Ueda supplies any of the above designs as individual samples. The price differs according to the design and the type of decoration used, but around 60,000 yen or 120,000 yan if framed.

[UE-02]Folding screen
Two-leaf folding screen: Around 3-5 million yen

Tea ceremony screen:
Around 250,000 yen
Hanging scroll:
Around 250,000 yen

The pattern design of your choice can be
used for both the screen and the scroll.

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