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Fushimi Maki's Bamboo Spoon and Fork
One of kind Spoon and Fork
Baby spoon and fork

Fushimi Maki's Bamboo Spoon and Fork

One of a kind Spoon and Fork

In Feature 003(LINK) we introduced Fushimi Maki who creates beautiful lacquer ware. Let us introduce his latest works. For those interested they can easily purchase through our shopping web page.

NEW WORK: No.1 Baby Spoon and Fork Set

The tradition of greeting a new born with gifts is as old as antiquity. In European cultures, silver has been the birthday gift of choices for centuries. As the idiom goes "born with a silver spoon in his mouth", a small silver spoon has been given as a gift wishing the new born everlasting happiness, luck and wealth. Let's say this is the Japanese version of the same idea. The spoon and fork are carved out of bamboo and meticulously coated with layers of shu-urushi (crimson colored lacquer). The details of his work scene can be seen in Feature 003 (LINK). They are delightful, adorable presents to welcome a baby! The baby bamboo spoon and fork can be personalized with engravings. This will make your present extra special. Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift for your friend, or maybe your new niece or nephew? They are one of a kind gifts to celebrate a newborn!

baby spoon 5,000 Japanese Yen (12.4cm length)
baby fork 5,000 Japanese Yen (12.4cm length)
engravings 500 Japanese Yen
(personalized items are not returnable)
box 500 Japanese Yen
*The spoon and fork can be purchased separately

Curry spoon

Baby spoon and fork

Curry spoon

NEW WORK: No.2 Curry Spoon

Fushimi Maki's favorite dish is curry with rice and he is a connoisseur of good curry. In pursuit to make his curry dish a tantalizing gourmet experience, he has gone one step beyond and made the perfect curry spoon. After numerous trials in shape and carving, he has finally found the perfect curve for the spoon and length for the handle. It is just the right curve to mix the curry with the rice, scoop the appropriate portion to the mouth, enjoy the right mouthful, and slide out smoothly through your lips. The spoon curve and rim was calculated to the millimeter, so that each mouthful is easily removed by the upper lips--in fact the curve is slightly shallow than normal spoons.

It is not only a functional but also an aesthetically beautiful piece of craft art. Whether it is retort-packed curry, the craftsman points out that with this bamboo spoon, the dish seems to transform into curry dish prepared by a chef at a top quality restaurant.

21.5 cm (length) 9,000 Japanese Yen

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(C)Copyright 2001 Jomon-sha Inc, All rights reserved.


(C)Copyright 2000 Johmon-sha Inc, All rights reserved.
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