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Japanese Country Style
Putting New Life into Old Houses

Book Review

Japanese Country Style
-Putting New Life into Old Houses

Yoshihiro Takishita / Kodansha International

Japanese Country Style introduces sixteen unique and sumptuous homes rescued by Takishita and illustrates how his renovations rejuvenated these all-but-forgotten architectural gems. Takishita candidly discusses the thoughts and inspirations that lead him to adapt and convert these centuries-old farmhouses for modern living. Chapters on their unique history and construction demonstrate the value of these towering traditional homes, and illustrate their place in Japanese rural life, where several generations often lived under the same roof that allowed for a horse in the stable area and silkworms in the attic.

Japanese Country Style also showcases the artful blending of tradition Japanese elements for modern lifestyles. Tatami rooms, Japanese antiques,traditional wooden furniture, and other treasures fill the rooms of thesehomes, and evoke the understated elegance of country-style living. Withover 200 photographs and illustrations of beautifully refurbished folk homes, this volume presents a portrait of a sublime yet simple way of life that will give anyone interested in design and architecture a host it useful ideas.




"For the past [35 years], Mr. Takishita has dominated what is probably the tiniest housing niche in Japan--the buying, selling and moving of the evocative minka, or farmhouse."

--Wall Street Journal

"It's unique in America and perhaps the world--the only time that three historical minka Japanese farmhouses have been combined to form one residential dwelling."

--Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Step inside and you walk into the best of a Japan of bygone days--the same giant beams, blackened with age ...and black floorboards with two centuries of walking and wounds underfoot."

--Mainichi Daily News


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